Commercial PPA

Luminous Energy offers an attractive solution to commercial solar installations. Our approach PPA's enables businesses to install solar panels with no capital outlay and no roof lease. The customer only pays for the energy produced and our systems are customised to meet the businesses specific demands.

In many parts of the world industrial power supplies are inconsistent, expensive, and volatile. Utility bills continue to rise and a PPA provides security against unforeseen rate changes and commodity risks. A solar installation whether on rooftop or ground mounted provides consistent energy at a predetermined price for the predetermined time.

We will look to install energy storage units onto the system to help stabilise power supply and provide energy even when the sun doesn’t shine.

Key Advantages:

No Capital Outlay

Businesses can install solar panels at no cost meaning there is no ‘payback period’, Luminous Energy and its partners fund the whole process

No Lease

No lease means easier negotiations and cost saving on legal fees

Long Term Electricity Price

Unlike commercial utility providers our prices are long term and customised to provide the most cost effective solution for the business.


Luminous Energy will manage the whole process from design through to installation, operation and long term maintenance.

Environmental Targets

Harnessing Renewable Energy helps reduce businesses carbon footprints and in some countries enable the business to gain from government incentives.