York Solar Farm

The planning application for York Solar Farm was approved by Hambleton District Council’s planning committee on 17th September 2015. The solar farm was co-developed with Big60Million and will be built and maintained by BELECTRIC UK.

At 49.9 MW once constructed York solar farm will be able to provide clean renewable electricity for approximately 30% of the houses within the Hambleton District.

The key for the future of solar farms in the UK is to be able to achieve the financial security solar farms offer farmers while not losing the productivity of the land. Luminous Energy used an innovative approach on York Solar Farm to maintain an agricultural element to the site that will run in harmony with the solar farm. Following extensive research Luminous Energy joined with partners at Askham Bryan Agricultural College and the University of York Botanical Department to work together to create York Solar Farm as a standalone development that will not only provide clean electricity but will also assist in the education of aspiring farmers and horticulturists, provide a research and discovery facility and create a haven for biodiversity. We will give the college and university use of the solar farm land enabling them to focus on their goals without the prohibitive costs of buying or leasing land. By working together on this project there is an opportunity for each party to learn, evolve and benefit from working on the solar farm. This knowledge can then be shared to improve agricultural opportunities on not only Luminous Energy solar farms but also solar farms throughout the UK.

Status: Pending construction

Development Partners: BELECTRIC UK / Big60Million

Plant rating: 49.99 MWp-DC

Annual electricity generation: 45,449 MWh of electricity per annum1 – enough renewable electricity to meet the needs of approximately 13,772 homes each year.

Carbon dioxide abatement: The solar farm will take around 10 months to ‘pay back’ the energy associated with the manufacturing, transport and construction of its various components. For the remaining 24 years and 2 months it will avoid approximately 19,543 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being emitted per annum.

Area of perimeter fencing: 73.5 hectares

Solar panels: First Solar

Inverters: SMA800CP XT

Local Planning Authority: Hambleton District Council