Tyddyn Trydan Solar Farm

The planning application for Tyddyn Trydan Solar Farm was approved by Gwynedd Council planning committee on 29th November 2015. The Solar Farm is located at Rhosgyll Fawr Farm, Pwllheli, North Wales and would generate up to 5 megawatts of renewable energy that would be exportable to the Grid. The proposal is located on the landowners most unproductive land and combines sheep grazing, clean energy generation and ecological improvements. It will add to the resilience of the local farming community while creating a meaningful contribution to local renewable energy generation.

Status: Pending construction

Plant rating: 4.992 MWp-DC

Annual electricity generation: 4,434 MWh of electricity per annum1 – enough renewable electricity to meet the needs of approximately 1,350 homes each year.

Carbon dioxide abatement: The solar farm will take around 10 months to ‘pay back’ the energy associated with the manufacturing, transport and construction of its various components. For the remaining 24 years and 2 months it will avoid approximately 1,900 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being emitted per annum.

Area of perimeter fencing: 8.13 hectares

Solar panels: Silvantis F-Series

Inverters: Bonfiglioli RPS

Local Planning Authority: Gwynedd Council